Institutions, Federations & Association Honour Boards

Available in wood, metal, perspex and glass

Federations, Institutes & Associations

HBF- The House Builders Federation formed in 1939.
This board lists all of the presidents of th HBF since then and acknowledges the dates at which the organisation was restructured in 1946 and 1970.

A lot of information was included on this board but there is still enough space to allow for additional names for the next forty years.

Honour boards have to last for a long time, it is important that we use the highest quality and most stable of materials that can still look good after many years. Honour boards are usually kept indoors and don't suffer bad weather conditions but we use exterior quality materials where we can to encourage a longer lifespan.

THe HBF board is framed with a solid oak moulding which is available to us off the shelf which helps to keep your costs down.
The board shown in image C uses mouldings that cannot be bought off the shelf which means that we have to make them from scratch, which as you may have guessed, pushes the cost up.

The Local Land Charges Institute ( LLCI )
LLCI went for an unusual honours board in that it needed to be portable as meetings are held at regional headquarters all around the country. A 10mm thick sheet of toughened glass with smooth polished edges is held within an aluminium base which supports the sheet glass in a secure vertical position and manages to look elegant whilst doing its job.

PDSA Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals
The PDSA make an annual award for outstanding services. Known as the Edward Bridges Memorial Award. It is a long established award but had not been noted in a public way until recently.
The style of board that they chose was to reflect the importance of Edward Bridges to the association and enhance the importance of the award and the names of those who receive it.
The board is quite elaborate but seems to suit its required purpose.

A close up image of the hand made oak mouldings is shown lower down the page.

Montage of honour boards produced for associations, institutes and federations The House Builders Federation presidents oak honours board Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals awards board with oak mouldings The Local Land Charges Institute glass honours board
An ecclectic selection of honour boards produced for Federations, Associations and Institutes