GDPR Privacy Policy of GoldtreeBespoke trading as Streetwise UK

Our Business Name

GoldtreeBespoke is our marketing name, Streetwise UK is our trading name.

In General

This privacy policy tries to explain how GoldtreeBespoke/Streetwise UK utilises and secures information provided by you. This policy is likely to evolve over time as the interpretation of GDPR rules clarifies. If you are an existing customer or become a customer, we may email you if this policy has to change at any point after its implementation on the 25th May 2018.

Date of last update or addition to this GDPR Policy will be entered here: 26th May 2018

E Mails

We retain email addresses of clients for the purpose of communicating with them in order to complete a contract.
We do not send out emails to existing customers marketing other products that we make or services that we offer unless asked by you to do so.
We do not send out unsolicited emails marketing any of our products to any individual or organisation.
We DO send out reminder emails to existing clients regarding annual updates to honour boards.

Encryption & Security

Information/Data that we hold is stored on computers that are password protected. Folders and files that contain customer and client information/data are separately encrypted and only accessible with a further password.
Data is not stored on external cloud based systems but will be considered, if external cloud storage is adopted at a future date, this privacy policy will be updated. Data held on external hard drives, USB flash drives and laptops is encrypted and password protected. Encryption tools currently used are BitLocker and VeraCrypt.

Anti MalWare and Virus protection is provided by ESET Security.
Standard Windows firewalls are applied and additional ESET firewalls.

Information recorded and stored on card or paper is overlooked by real human beings for 24 hours per day.
On the rare occasion when this is not possible, filing cabinets will be locked and card index boxes hidden in a locked cupboard.

GDPR Compliance

Goldtree Bespoke / Streetwise UK is attempting to register with the ICO, Information Communication Office.
The ICO website is overloaded and unable to process our registration payment.

In theory, you the customer are supplying us with names/data that is/are to be placed upon an honours board.
The supply of this data means that you are considered to be a Data Controller
and that we are considered to be a Data Processor.

By supplying this information/data and ordering an honours board from us, we can assume that you are giving us permission to process the data that you provide within the limitations of the GDPR Regulations.

In order to provide you with future updates to your boards, we have to retain this data as securely as we can, for as long as you remain a client of ours.
If you wish to seek an alternative supplier, you must notify us that you are doing so, following which all of your provided data will be destroyed unless you don't want it to be.

Adequate, Relevant and Non-Excessive Data Processing

We will only collect and process your Personal Data as required to fulfil the specific purpose/s of our contract and agreements with you. Data collected is limited to a contact name or names, an organisations name and address and information to be displayed on an honours board.

Other Recipients of Your Data

Your data will only be processed by GoldtreeBespoke/Streetwise UK or any third party required in order to complete our contractual obligations to you,
for example, your name and address may be passed to a delivery company.

Individuals Have Rights Available To Them

Individuals have the right to access their personal data and other information provided under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will process and manage all your Personal Data in line with your rights; in particular your rights to:
1. Request access to any data we hold about you;
2. Prevent the processing of your Personal Data for direct-marketing purposes, if so instructed;
3. Ask to have inaccurate Personal Data amended;
4. Be forgotten, and have all relevant Personal Data erased (subject to our overriding legal obligations);
5. Prevent processing which is likely to cause damage or distress to you or anyone else;
6. Request certain restrictions on the processing of your Personal Data;
7. Receive a copy of your Personal Data and/or request a transfer of your Personal Data to another Data Controller;
8. Not be subject to automated decision making;
9. Be notified of a data security breach which affects your rights and freedoms, without undue delay;
10. If you have provided your express consent that your Personal Data may be processed for marketing and advertising purposes, you are entitled to withdraw that consent. Such a withdrawal will not affect any processing of the data completed before consent was withdrawn;
11. To make certain requests to us concerning how your Personal Data is managed.

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Call 0345 260 2350 for further information.
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