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Junior Football Players Achievement Awards

Oadby Owls football club ordered this aluminium board to acknowledge the annual winners of the Keith Oswin Memorial Award. The board was ordered at the beginning of the 2009 - 10 season, the year 2010 but obviously no name could be included until the season was over.
Hopefully, the blank space inviting a name would encourage the players to greater heights and to be the person whose name fills that 2010 slot. 2011 is now on the board, tantalizingly blank at the beginning of the football year.

The board measures 1200mm high X 900mm wide. It is made from 3mm thick aluminium which has been powder coated white which is much more durable than paint. There is enough space for the next 35 years, an achievements honours board is a long term investment providing continual motivation to young and older players.

Galaxy Football Club Honours Board

In contrast to the Oadby Owls honours board shown above, this board is more traditional listing high achievers and award winners at the football club.
Finished in a medium oak the gold lettering contrasts well and I'm very pleased to say our client was very pleased with the finished job.

Galaxy maybe a relatively new club but the pride and enthusiasm is no less than the long established greats.

I'll post a testimonial from the Galaxy Football Club here soon, but if you would like a referance I'm sure you could give them a call
and get the info from the horses mouth.

Oadby Owls football club annual awards board

Galaxy football club oak honours board

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