Timber Mouldings for Framing Honour Boards in Oak, Ash, Beech

and other woods and materials

Framing Options

When considering frames and framing options the first question that you need to ask yourself is; "does my honours board need a frame at all"?
The answer is probably no but your honours board will look the poorer if it lacks some sort of frame.
A frame or border may have no physical function and have no obvious visible purpose but they really are the unsung heroes contributing a great deal to the overall finish. Much like a picture frame an honours board frame needs to complement and enhance the information displayed it does this by acting as a visual boundary that contains the board and acts as a spotlight in that it draws a viewers eye to the actual contents.
The frame can be very simple as shown in image A; just a simple border line!

You can then take this concept a little further as shown in image B.
The area outside of the gold border line is in a contrasting colour.

Image C shows an oak timber moulding glued and screwed to the face of the honours board and stained to colour match the surface of the board.

A more complex framing and edging is shown in image D.
This type of framing turns the honours board into something akin to a piece of furniture rather than a framed picture.
The mouldings were all produced by ourselves, I say this because we try to use standard timber mouldings when possible. Because they are standardised and produced in large quantities the overall cost of the board is reduced but if we can't find the right shape or size for your job, we will make it ourselves, which takes quite a long time and increases the cost. There is often no alternative to this if we are having to match an existing board which may have been produced 50 or a 100 years ago and standard mouldings which may have been available then are no longer produced.

The last image shows detail of construction from a beech wood honours board.

Montage showing timber framing options A standard oak moulding used to edge this presidents plaque hand made oak timber moulding Beech wood is used for the fluted columns on this board
Timbers used to frame honors boards includes oak, ash and beech wood