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Roll of Worshipful Masters

The honours board shown here listing a roll of worshipful past masters is a reproduction of an existing roll of honour at the lodge. The existing board had no space remaining for new names to be added. The original had been made prior to the 2nd World War and the manufacturers had long gone out of business. The standard timber mouldings that they would have used 70 years ago are no longer available so we had to create new tooling to reproduce the timber profiles out of oak.

Self adhesive letters have been used for names which enables the lodge to easily update the boards themselves with lettering posted to them by us.

The East Herts Border masonic lodge name board shown further down the page presented us with a similar problem with a different solution.
Again there was no space left to add new names but rather than produce a new or reproduction board we stripped off all of the lettering and applied a new mahogany veneer over the lettered surfaces and applied new lettering that is slightly smaller and has reduced space between each line.
The result was a fresh looking roll of names with enough space for additional names for the next 30 years.

Chanctonbury Masonic Lodge roll of worshipful masters in oak
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