Regiment Sergeant Majors

27th Logistics Corps

The Royal Logistics Corps - Military Honours Boards

The Royal Logistics corps are the largest corps in the British Army with more than 16,000 troops.
They need this many as they are the means through which the whole of the British army organises itself, gets anything and everything from A to B wherever A or B is and however awkward it is to get there.

We produced two hill shaped boards 1000mm high X 750mm wide X 19mm in a darkish oak finish.
The lettering is in Florentine gold and a space was left at the top to place 3D regimental crests already in their possession.

One board lists the names of Artificer Sergeants and the other Commanding Officers

The Royal Logistic Corps was formed in 1993, by combining these corps of the British Army:
Royal Corps of Transport
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Royal Pioneer Corps
Army Catering Corps
Royal Engineers Postal and Courier Service

To create a cap badge design elements from each of the above corps were used.

Honours board listing the Mess Presidents of the 19th Regiment of the Royal Artillery

Fine finish on this Regiment Sergeant Majors Honours Board in Tidworth, Hampshire produced for the 27th Logistics Corps