Winners Honours Boards for Tennis Club Competitions

Championship Awards

Kesgrave Tennis Club

A very attractive natural oak honours board that shows the names of club championship winners.
This board measuring only 750mm wide X 600mm high was a little small to display five categories including; men's singles, ladies' singles, men's, ladies' and mixed doubles, the height of capital letters is only 11.5mm
but the overall effect is pleasing and the wording easy to read.

We were a little worried about the small dark, reddish knots on the board and nearly scrapped it but after some debate came down on the side of the argument that said that the knots added visual interest, we don't like bland!

The club name is in florentine gold with a black outline.
We supply updates each year that you can easily apply yourself.

Kesgrave Tennis Club's oak honours board
A natural oak honours board for Kesgrave tennis club winners