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Oak prize winners board for doctors of The Gurmit Sokhi Award at the NHS Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham

This prize winners board was a reproduction of an existing board at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
We were given overall measurements of an existing board and the client sent photographic referances.
We were also asked to match the size and style of lettering on the hospital's existing board so that the new winners board
matched the existing and we could also provide new lettering to update both the old and new boards.

To give you an idea of the process involved in matching the lettering, we first had to study the photographic referances
and narrowed the font style down to six possibilities out of the 30,000 possible alternatives.
We then posted the customer actual samples of the letters for them to compare with their originals.
When the style was settled upon we then sent a further six examples of the font style at sizes varying by
one quarter of a millimetre. When they chose the closest size we sent sent three further samples varying by
one tenth of a millimetre, eventually a pretty close match was achieved.

Very pleased to say that our client thought that our workmanship was better than that displayed on their existing
awards board and we have been supplying the updated names of award winners since 2009.

Oak prize winners board for doctors at the NHS Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham
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