Tideway Scullers Rowing Club, Chiswick West London.
Name board in recognition of club members who achieve International Status or honours

Oak framed honours board displaying the names and achievements of world and Olympic class scullers and rowing athletes

The Tideway Scullers School situated at Chiswick on the River Thames in London was established in 1957.

This board records the names of athletes that have achieved international standards in their sport.

Image A.
Measuring 2440mm wide and is 1220mm high to the top of the apex shape containing the club logo.
The solid oak frame was moulded to shape and fixed by ourselves in our Partridge Green workshop.
The finish is achieved with five coats of spray applied acrylic varnish, each coat is sanded down with progressively finer grades of wet and dry, starting with 240 grit and finishing with 800.

Image B.
There are three primary methods used to fix an honours board to a wall, this board utilises a hanger or suspension bar method.
It's main appeal as a system is that there are no visible fixings, the system also has the advantage of being very strong and able to support a lot of weight.
Another plus point is that when decorating or repainting the wall, the board can be simply lifted of the hanger bars and replaced in a minute or two when decorating is complete.
A disadvantage of this fixing system is that it is relatively complex compared to other methods and accordingly increases the overall cost of an honours board.

Image C.
We designed and manufactured the oak moulding that frames this board. The face of the moulding is 35mm wide and is based on classic profiles used as a decorative architraves.
The oak veneer has been stained to a tone just a little darker or deeper than natural undyed oak. The colour is still light enough for black or dark coloured lettering to contrast enough with the background to be easily legible.
Choosing a background colour that contrasts adequately with your choice of lettering colour is a decision that must be made with informed assurance. To aid you in making this decision we will supply you, by post, with accurate colour samples so that you can see for real if you are making the correct decision.

Image D.
This photograph is simply intended to provide a better view of the timber moulding used to frame this honours board.
Click on this link for more detailed information on types of framing available for honours boards.

Big Image Below D.
This drawing was produced to show the client five different framing options.
The lowest cost option is A, the choices become progressively more expensive through to
the most expensive option E, which includes the fixing method shown in the photographs at the
top of this page.

What to do next if you want an honours board

A framed oak honours board handmade for the Tideway Scullers Rowing Club

Close up view of an architrave style handmade oak moulding framing an honor board

IMAGE BELOW: This drawing was prepared for our client to illustrate the framing and fixing options available

Cross section plan drawing of five different framing options
International Rowing and Sculling Honours at Tideway Scullers School