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Winners Boards; Horse Racing Victories

This board measures 1200mm X 1200mm but doesn't look square due to the curved top.
This cup is awarded annually, each year we send the racecourse the name of this years winner as well winning trainer,
owner and jockey which enables them to update the winners board themselves.
We send you thorough instructions, a spare copy to practise with, it's much easier to do than it looks
like at first glance.
We provide key alignment characters which means that you don't have to make any measurements or mark any guidelines,
everything should just fall into place.

The golden oak board has a frame in a contrasting wood stain and features the racecourse logo.
Curved frames of this type are time consuming to produce and can be pricey,
beware of imitations!

Click this link for more information on framing.

racecourse horse racing cup winners board
Triumphs victories and wins in gold lettering on an oak winners board