St Michael's Church of England School

St Michael's school have used this triptych honours board in quite an unusual way
in that they have used the central panel to proclaim a permanent message
which reflects their school ethos, the central panel never changes
or has any information added.

The panels to its left and right are used to display updated information
which is the names of Headteachers and the names of Head Students.

Names of Headteachers and Head Students recorded on this oak triptych honours board.

Triptych Honours Board

The names of Headteachers and Head Students are recorded on this oak triptych honours board.
The central panel displays a fixed message reflecting school values.
A traditional triptych honours board recording Headteachers and students.
Headteachers and Head Students of St Michaels Church of England School

Types of Borders & Frames

This triptych honours board has a simple visual frame on all three panels rather than a physical frame.
The purpose of a frame is sometimes structural but often it is there simply to
act as a border that restrains the viewer's eye from wandering and focuses their attention.
In this case a simple gold borderline functions as a frame.

For further information regarding the various types and methods of framing, please click on this link,
Techniques and types of framing.

Golden oak honours board made for Cathedral School, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales.