Methods for Reproducing your Honours Board Logos, Badges, Crests & Coats of Arms

for schools, companies, associations and clubs

There is more than one way to reproduce your logo, badge or crest for use on an honours board or plaque, we use the three best ways. Any other methods are inferior and although they can look good in the short term, they will soon begin to deteriorate and are not suited for the long life expected of an honours board.

The methods that can be used to produce your logo, crest, badge or coat of arms are as follows:

1. Cutting the design from long life exterior self adhesive vinyls

2. Printing logos, symbols and crests using the process of dye sublimation

3. Painting by hand using oil paints

4. Other Options - Heanorgate - Cut out shapes on stand offs

Other high quality methods are available but rarely required.

1. Vector Cut Vinyl Logos

Examples shown here:

Cathedral School Cardiff

Cathedral School Crest
This school crest is cut from two shades and textures of gold on an ivory background.
Two shades of red and green are used to represent emeralds and rubies.
Each of the seven colours is cut separately and adhered to the colour beneath it.

2. Dye Sublimation Printing

South London Harriers Athletcs Club

If you need a compromise between hand painting and digital printing, dye sublimation printing is probably the answer.
Hand painted work may well last for up to 100 years, possibly more, but takes a long time to produce and not surprisingly costs quite a lot.
Dye sublimation printing can be an innovative solution to reduce reproduction costs and maintain a reasonable life expectancy and colour fade resistance of 30 to 70 years. A dye sublimation print will last longer. look fresher than digital printing. Colours will remain strong and vibrant for up to ten times longer than solvent or ink jet prints.

3. Hand Painted

Lilian Baylis School


Coat of Arms

cathedral school logo vector cut logo for Cathedral School in Cardiff
south london harriers logo

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Reproduction methods of logos, crest, badges and coats of arms for use on honour boards schools, clubs and associations