Woodstain & Dye Colours for Timber Honour Boards

Choice of Honours Boards Colours

You can have any colour that you like - with the following limitations

The choice of colours available to you is not as comprehensive or as predictable as a Pantone or paint colour chart.

We can match any Pantone, BS or RAL colour as a flat tone but not as a wood dye.

There are few limitations to what colours your honours board can be but the key point to remember is that if you want a wooden honours board and you want the woodgrain to show then the colour must be transparent to allow the grain pattern to show through the colour, you can't use paint which is opaque and hides the woodgrain.

Honours Boards Colour Samples

Top Right Image:
These are examples of the colour samples that we will send you to help you make a final decision and accurate choice of colours for your honours board.
They measure 150mm high X 125mm wide, they are just about big enough to show you the woodgrain pattern of different timbers as well as accurately showing you woodstain and wood dye colours.

We don't send them until you order as we usually create samples particular to your requirements including lettering that matches the size and style that will be used on your honours board.

Examples of woodstain colours on oak and ash
Colour guide to woodstains

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Colouring timber using paints, woodstains or wood dyes