Head Girls & Boys Oak honours board for Bedford Free School

This light oak honours board with contrasting edge and border colour measures 1200mm high X 900mm wide X 19mm thick. The darker shade colours the return edge and a narrow 25mm wide band on all four face sides, the lighter shade covers the remainder of the face panel, the two colours are separated by a 10mm wide purple borderline that reflects the school colours.
An light oak honours board in two shades of wood colour.
Closer view of the school logo produced using a dye sublimation printing method.

Honour boards don't have to be dark and sombre!

Mention, in conversation, an oak honours board and your listener will probably assume that it will be dark in colour, perhaps with gold lettering and all things considered, a rather sombre image may be conjured up in their mind, but it doesn't have to be like that. Oak is naturally quite light in colour and can be stained to many shades before it becomes dark. With an edge or border colour in a contrasting tone and a borderline reflecting school colours you can produce an oak board that has a vibrant, contemporary look and feel that reflects the progressive attitudes of your school whilst still making respectful nod to past traditions.

Light Oak Honours Board, the School Logo

The logo for Bedford Free School was printed using a dye-sublimation method before being cut to shape and adhered to varnished timber surface after which the edges are sealed with a hand applied clear varnish.

For more information about methods of reproducing school logos, crests and badges, please click on this link;
methods of reproducing council crests and logos.

Bedford Free School, Head Girls & Boys light oak honour boards with a choice of contrasting edge colours.