Choosing Between Perspex Acrylic & Glass

Strength, durability and convenience comparison between sheet acrylic and glass

Although we think that plastics last forever, they do not. We also think of glass as fragile but toughened glass is pretty strong, think of shop windows!
Glass certainly won't degrade in our lifetimes but plastics probably will.
The convenience of acrylic may be tempting but think of the long term legacy, glass will still be crystal clear in 50 years time but will plastic?

SAFETYIf broken toughened glass does not break into sharp shards but crumbles like a car windscreenMost like to crack or split rather than break but if you hit it hard enough it can break and can have sharp edges but will only produce a few pieces.
DURABILITYUnaffected by exposure to light, if not hit with a hammer like blow will last indefinately.
Very hard to scratch accidentally or on purpose.
Various qualities of acrylic are available, the best show little discolouration over time, the lowest quality can develop a yellowish tint.
Very EASY to scratch.
MAINTENANCENeeds little attentionEasy to scratch but these can be polished out if not to deep with a compound polish such as T_Cut.
WEIGHTMuch heavier than acrylicMuch lighter than glass
FIXINGDue to the weight of glass it is best that the board is NOT fixed to a partition wall and only to brick or block, weight bearing walls.Due to its relatively light weight, can be fixed to all types of walls including plaster board partition walls.
COLOURProbably has greater clarity than acrylic but as you won't be looking through it as if it is a window because it has a wall as its background, greater clarity is hard to perceive.Glass effect acrylic has a subtle green tint throughout which produces the glass like edges. Looking at the panel face on against the background of a wall of any colour the tint is almost indiscernible.
DELIVERYDelivery could be expensive as most courier firms will not transport glass, we may have to hire a dedicated vehicle to deliver a glass board.Courier firms are less concerned about acrylic but they are sensitive to accidental damage. As a result we pack in an extremely defensive way.
COSTSix of one, half a dozen of the other, cost works out about the same as acrylic but with inflated delivery costsBest quality is twice the cost of cheapest but will retain clarity for much longer.

Montage of glass effect acrylic Perspex panels and glass

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