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Honour Boards to Thank & Acknowledge Bequests, Donors,
Contributions and Effort for Projects

Acknowledgement, Thanks & Donor Boards

Many organisations rely upon the effort, goodwill and generosity of the public in general and members in particular to enable them to provide services or sustain a project.
Acknowledgement of this commitment and donations is important and much appreciated by those involved.

There are no limitations to shape, size or colour of the honour board that you can have. You can have any size, any shape, font style, framing or colour that you would like.

Everything that we produce is tailor made to your requirements, which means that you can ask us to produce anything that you can think of and we should be able to produce it.

All of the images shown here are just examples that may help you to assess your requirements.
In order to offer you any costs, suggestions and/or scale drawings we need a certain amount of information from you. To find out what this is and how to get the ball rolling please click here for information required from you.

Community Effort Acknowledged

Injured Jockeys Fund

Legacy Donor Boards

Oak veneered honours board to acknowledge local community effort in re-building the local village hall Injured Jockeys Fund thank you to donors QAHH Donor board in ash
We produced two oak veneered honour boards with contrasting edge and border colour to acknowledge local community long term effort to raise the funds required to build a new local village hall. Long term accommodation and support is given by the Injured Jockeys Fund. Recently expanded into a new building, the contributions and efforts of supporting individuals and organisations that made the project possible are recognised on this board.
The QAHH hospital home in Worthing, Sussex relies upon the the goodwill of the public to maintain its services. Donations in the form of legacies are much appreciated and are openly acknowledged on this framed ash veneered donors board.
No Limitations Notice

Plaques & Shields

  A wooden shield and A4 size oak plaque  
  A timber shield and A4 size oak plaque to acknowledge contributions and effort.  
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signs, notices & honourboards to thank and acknowledge individual and community effort