Town Clerks and Town Mayors of Thorpe Saint Andrew

This honours board listing the names of town mayors and head clerks has Florentine gold lettering on a mid-tone of stained veneered oak.
An oak honours board in two shades of woodstain.
A town council crest made from a combination of dye sublimation print and self adhesive vinyls.

Thorpe Saint Andrew Town Council, Norwich

Thorpe Saint Andrew was founded as a town council in 2006 and has recently relocated from Roxley Hall to the Town Hall in Fitzmaurice Park. Coinciding with this move we produced an honours board listing the town mayors and town clerks naming those who had held those appointments since the town council's inception.

Honour Board Colours

The board measures 1200mm high X 900mm wide X 19mm thick and is finished in two colours of woodstain. The darker shade colours the return edge and a narrow 25mm wide band on all four face sides, the lighter shade covers the remainder of the face panel, the two colours are separated by a 10mm wide gold borderline.

Honours Board Town Crest

The town councils emblem was complex to produce. The cross and image of Saint David were printed using a dye-sublimation method and applied to the surface of vector cut long life self adhesive calendered vinyl. The scroll and lettering were also cut and applied in separate layers, even though the thickness is minimal this method gives the town crest greater depth and a feeling higher quality than would a flat two dimensional print.

For more information about methods of reproducing council crests and logos badges, please click on this link,
methods of reproducing council crests and logos.

Thorpe St. Andrew Town Council board made from oak with mayors and chief clerks names.