Yate Town Council - Chief Clerks

Yate town council chose a contemporary style of honours board to list their town clerks since 1894.
This board is made from 10mm thick silica acrylic which is like Perspex but imitates the look of glass very successfully, particularly with the transparent green edges.

The acrylic panel is held to the wall with 6 polished chrome stand off fixings which as the name suggest holds the panel away from the wall, in this case by about 20mm.
Yate town council could have chosen toughened glass rather than silica acrylic and has the advantage of being more resistant to surface scratches.
The drawback is its much greater weight requiring stronger fixings, ideally screwed into a solid wall rather than a partition wall.
Chief clerks of Yate Town Council
Florentine gold lettering on a clear Perspex honours board
If you choose to use glass or acrylic glass effect panel for your honours board you will need to consider the colour of the wall behind it; the colour needs to contrast with the colour of lettering so that it's easy to read. In this case black works very well against the cream colour which could be quite a bit darker and still provide sufficient contrast.
Where we have used gold wording, the letters have been give a black outline, you can see this in the title line at the bottom of the page.

To obtain a contemporary look for your honours board you don't have to use glass or Perspex, a modern look can be achieved using traditional materials cut to an interesting shape and lighter in colour, you can get ideas from any part of this website.

Reproduction & Restoration of Honour Boards

We have become quite expert over the years in repairing and restoring honour boards but sometimes the time/cost involved is so great that it's better to start again and create a reproduction of an original honours board.

Made to order Town Council & local government honour boards in any material size, shape, colour or style including reproduction