Independent Schools Awards

Rishworth School, West Yorkshire

Oak framed Music Award board for Rishworth School, West Yorkshire

The finished size of this Butterworth Prize for Music board is 7' 2" X 3' 2" ( 2184mm X 965mm).
The lettering is cut from 6mm thick solid oak, the individual letters are then pinned and glued to
the solid oak backing.

We were asked to reproduce a board that had been used to record the names of the winners of the
Rishworth Independent School Butterworth Music Prize that has been awarded since 1972, the board had gone the way
that all award honours boards must eventually go, there was no space remaining new prizewinners.

Reproducing an existing board is always more challenging than originating a new one, timber mouldings
that were once available off the shelf are no longer made which means that we have to produce them from scratch.
The original makers would have had their own style and methods, we have to analyse these to successfully
simulate them, all this adds up to increased time and costs, this is the price of reproduction
rather than starting from scratch.

Boards like this are expensive but they will be there as a legacy for two or three hundred years, probably outlasting the
building that they are displayed in, upon reflection, that's pretty good value for money.

Thoroughness is the key to getting a reproduction board right. Our aim is to always improve upon the original if we can
so that the client is never disappointed.
The planning involved in the process of making a reproduction honours or award board is reflected in the
preparation drawing shown further down the page.

All component parts are displayed in the colour coded drawing. The dimensions of each part is detailed
enabling the client to check the sizes of each part against their original before we proceed.

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Oak awards board for Butterworth Music Prize in Yorkshire

BELOW: Colour coded drawing produced for our clients indicating dimensions of all elements

Technical drawing of proposed awards board for Rishworth School in Yorkshire

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Music Prize awards board produced in oak for a school in West Yorkshire