The Mayors of Milton Keynes

Recently produced for Milton Keynes Unitary Authority, this honours board records the names of mayors.

Traditional style and materials.

Milton Keynes council chose traditional colours and style for their honours board. This board is finished in a deep reddy brown with gold lettering.
Dark oak honours listing the names of Milton Keynes mayors.

Timber Colour Samples

If you order an honours board from us you will receive a range of colour samples so that you can accurately assess the final colour of your finished board. Looking at wood colours on screen or in print can only give you an indication of the finished colour.

Other Colour Considerations

If you choose to use glass or Perspex for your honours board, shown elsewhere on this website, you will need to consider the colour of the wall behind it; the colour needs to contrast with the colour of lettering so that it's easy to read.

Reproduction & Restoration

We have become quite expert over the years in repairing and restoring honour boards but sometimes the time/cost involved is so great that it's better to start again and create a reproduction of an original honours board.

Traditional honour boards in hand made in many materials to any size, shape, colour or style for unitary local government authorities including reproduction.