Prescot Town Council Mayors Honour Board, Town Hall, Prescot, Merseyside

The honours shown here looks like glass but is in fact made from acrylic sheet, often referred to as Perspex which is a trade name for one brand of acrylic sheet.
A large glass effect acrylic honours panel.
Close up of perspex honours board showing a printed Prescot town council crest.
This is quite a large panel; 1800mm x 1000mm X 10mm thick. The town council were thinking ahead and leaving space to name annual mayoral appointments for the next fifty years.

Easy to maintain roll of honour.

The board can be washed with a sponge and warm soapy water if it becomes grubby and patted dry, accidental scuffs and scratches can be polished out with T-Cut. Weekly dusting is best done with the dusting attachment of a vacuum cleaner. It is best to avoid wiping over the board with a cloth as fibres from the material can catch on the lettering. New names can be applied by council staff, it's quite simple to do, please ask for our instruction PDF brochure on 'How to Apply Updates'.

Fixing Perspex honours boards.

Perspex or acrylic must be given a little room to expand and contract. This panel is held in place with six solid brass stand-off fittings that have been given a polished chrome finish. Each fitting has a 10mm diameter thread which goes through a 13mm diameter hole in the board giving 3mm of clearance which allows the board to dimensionally shift without putting any strain on the fixing points.

Council Crests, Emblems and Logos.

Prescot town council's crest or shield has been printed using a dye sublimation of reproduction and then cut to shape and adhered to the panel.
This means that the printed colours are actually inside the museum quality material that the colours are applied to and not just sitting on the surface. This means that colours should remain light fast and fade resistant for up to seventy years. A standard digital print would begin to fade in as little as one year.
This is an expensive process but as an honours board should last from thirty to one hundred years, perhaps more, it is a cost effective long term solution and will not need replacing or renewing in just a few years time.

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Mayors roll of honour on clear acrylic sheet that looks like glass.