School Cricket Captains Honours Boards

This is one of six captains honour boards produced for Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff. The captains named were the nominated team leaders of the cricket team and five other sports, football, rounders, netball, rugby and rowing.
They were requested and supplied in imperial measurements, the dimensions are 17" wide X 36" high.
The golden oak colour was chosen from a range of six other colour samples that we supply. There are many other shades available but by the time colour samples are sent to you we will have narrowed the choice down to colour areas such light or medium or dark.

School Cricket Captains Honours Boards

One of six golden oak honours board to acknowledge the captains of school sports teams, they measure 17" wide X 36" high.
Golden oak honour boards for school sports cricket captains with names in gold.
Detail view of a vector cut school logo applied in seven separate layers.
Close up of the school logo shown above.

Cathedral School Logo

The school crest is very complex consisting of seven colours each separately cut and applied in layers
including two shades and textures of gold.

For further information regarding methods of reproducing sports clubs and logos badges, please click on this link,
methods of reproducing club crests and logos.

Golden oak honours board made for Cathedral School, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales.