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Acrylic Perspex & Glass Motivational Award & Honour Boards

Golfing Trophies
Acrylic Perspex and Glass

Haberdashers Askes's School Academy
Perspex Award Winners Name Board

Company Motivation
Top Sales Award Winners

Perspex trophy board for Finchley Golf Club School Academy winners honour board for Haberdashers Askes, Crayford Space & People top sales winners board in clear Perspex
Finchley Golf Club chose gold stand off fixings to fix and support their
Perspex acrylic competition winners board mounted above the bar in their clubhouse
We produced five glass effect honours boards for the Haberdashers Askes's a school academy in Kent.
The academy crest has been produced using dye sublimation cut to shape.
Space & People of Glasgow acknowledge their top sales people on this glass winners board
No Limitations Notice
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Somerset Cricket Club
National & International Honours on Perspex

10mm thick Perspex Honour Board
Presidents of St Aidan's College

House Presidents
Denbigh School

International players and cup honours displayed on Perspex honourboards at Somerset Cricket Club St Aidan's JCR Presidents listed on a Perspex panel mounted on ash backing board Shaped Perspex boards displaying Denbigh School House Presidents
Somerset Cricket Club have four honours boards made from 10mm thick glass effect silica acrylic.
Shown are Somersets overseas test players and cup honours in all competitions.
St Aidan's College JCR Presidents are shown here listed on a clear Perspex glass effect panel mounted on an ash backing board with chamfered edges.
We produced two boards like this for St Aidan's College.
Perspex acrylic boards that simulate the look of glass effectively don't have to be rectangular or square.
We can make your boards in any shape imaginable, they could even be star shaped. Subtler shapes are shown here.
The names of Denbigh School house presidents are displayed on 10mm thick glass effect boards two of which, from a series of five, are shown here.
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Portable Glass Presidents Board
Local Land Charges Institute

10mm thick Perspex Honours Board
listing Town Clerks of Yate Town Council

Kinghurst Academy Award Winners
Acrylic Winners Board

Glass honour board listing presidents of the LLCI Town clerks of Yate Town Council are named on this glass honours board Glass honour board listing winners of the Principals Cup
The LLCI, Local Land Charges Institute, needed a portable honours to recognise their presidents.
This board is made from 10mm thick toughened glass mounted in an aluminium base.
The Town Clerks of Yate Town Council since 1894 are listed on this acrylic glass effect honours board. Kingshurst Academy acknowledge the winners of the annual Principals Cup on this Perspex, glass effect winners board.

Contemporary Perspex glass effect and toughened glass honour boards