Boardmasters Surfing Champions Board, Newquay Cornwall

Available in any size and in other timbers including Ash, Beech and Mahogany

Boardmasters Surfing Championships organised by Sportsvision

Sportsvision organise the Boardmasters Surfing Championships held in Newquay
We produced this champions names board in the shape and size of a life size surf board,
at least I think it is, not being a surfer myself, the board measures 1875mm X 475mm.
There is enough space remaining for the winners of the next 14 or 15 annual events.

The process of producing the finished board has less than a glamorous beginning.
We first produce a full size mock up which makes it easy to see and evaluate the shape
rather than looking at a drawing on screen.

When we are happy with shape it is then used to router cut the 19mm thick veneered panel
that will become the finished surfers champions board.

Picture of a surf board shaped honours board to show the names of surfing champions in Cornwall

The template used to produce the surfing champions board was cut from MDF

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Surfboard Shaped Oak honours board made in Brighton, Sussex for display in Newquay, Cornwall