Triptych Oak Honours Boards & Plaques - County Durham

Available in any size and in other timbers including Ash, Beech and Mahogany

Lord Lawson of Beamish School - Birtley, County Durham

This set of three boards forms a triptych display of student names and their achievements on the central board.
The names of head girls and head boys are shown on the left and right panels, the three combine to create
an eyecatching design of significance to this school.
The display measures 1500mm at its highest and the combined width of the three panels is 2200mm.

Getting the Colour Right
I would describe the colour of these panels as a reddish golden brown colour but it changes depending upon
the angle and distance from which you are viewing the boards.
If you eventually place an order with us you will receive 4 to 8 timber colour samples from us.
If none of the colours are right but one or two are heading in the right direction,
we will produce further samples and so on until arriving at the shade you prefer.
Samples can take up to a week to produce which is why we only send samples after you have ordered.
But if you really need samples, perhaps just reassure yourself that we are not just waffling hot air,
we will send them to you to help get the ball rolling.

It is impossible to accurately evaluate colour samples on a computer screen, print is better but not really good enough,
real colours on real wood is the best way forward.

Reproduction of School Logos
The school logo has been reproduced on the central oak panel using dye sublimation printing
Apart from hand painting in oils or air brush applied enamels it is the most durable of methods.
Self adhesive digital prints are a poor substitute even if the best materials are used and the crest is laminated.

You would need to supply high quality artwork at 300dpi close to the size at which your school logo would be produced.
If you have any problems finding a high quality image, we can usually redraw your logo and re-originate artwork at an additional cost
which we then assign to you to use as you wish.

For further information about the reproduction of school logos please click on this link, methods of reproducing school crests and logos.

Reddish golden brown on these oak triptych panels

A close up view of the central panel showing student award winners

The school logo has been reproduced on the central oak panel using dye sublimation printing

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Triptych honours board made for Lord Lawson of Beamish School in Birtle, County Durham